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artist plastician photographer

Chrystèle Lerisse


"Chrystèle Lerisse's work, based on the small black-and-white format, has an intensity rarely achieved through film photography, except to refer to the great names of art history, Moholy-Nagy, Strand or Leiter to name but a few. It also feeds on the history of modern painting and cinema. But above all it accomplishes an unparalleled synthesis of the plastic revolutions that these references imply. By working on objects and places that seem to be universal, she produces works that are absolutely new, of great coherence between them, impossible to classify or reduce to a few notions of gender. (...). Chrystèle Lerisse's work proved decisive in the history of contemporary photography, in terms of the history of art. »

Jérôme Felin art historian, plastic arts advisor in Normandy, 2008


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