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Les pieds des photographes, Neuf photographes en Nouvelle-Aquitaine


Les pieds des photographes Neuf photographes en Nouvelle Aquitaine


    Under the direction of Anne-Cécile Guilbard
    Co-edition with Atlantic.
    2022. 144 p. 16,5/24.
    ISBN 978.2.86853.699.0
    20,00 €

    The book

    Whether it claims to be documentary or asserts itself as a creation, all photographic production records something: here a lot of life, of the human, of the plant, of nature, of near and far urban life, but also of landscapes, cement slabs, fancy glasses or even hand-made dreams. Each image constructs and restores, at the same time, a space outside of everything, outside of where they are. Where photographers set foot, even ordinary perspective can fade away…

    The photographers

    Eva Avril, Jean-Luc Chapin, Marc Deneyer,
    Gabrielle Duplantier, Thierry Girard, Chrystèle Lerisse,
    Laurent Millet, Claude Nori, Claude Pauquet

    The authors

    Axelle Joncheray, Éric Audinet, Catherine Ternaux,
    Denis Montebello, Anne-Cécile Guilbard, Jérôme Felin,
    Eduardo Berti (translated from Spanish by Jean-Marie Saint-Lu),
    Claude Nori, Dominique Moncond’huy.

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