December 1997


The DRAC Centre, under the impetus of its director Alain Marais, wanted to mark the anniversary date of the 20th anniversary of the DRACs in France by giving a non-documentary reading of its place. He called on Chrystèle Lerisse who gave her subjective vision of the DRAC Centre.

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  • 22 black and white photographs by Chrystèle Lerisse, 6×6 cm from 1997
  • Preface Catherine Trautmann Minister of Culture and Communication from 1997 to 2000 and Jacques Barrel Prefect of the Center Region.
  • Text Alain Marais, Director of the DRAC Center from 1994 to 1999.
  • 24 pages format 23 x 21 cm Italian style
  • Soft cover with flaps – Duotone printing
  • Printed in 3,150 copies including 150 copies numbered from 1 to 150
  • Publisher: DRAC Centre, Orleans, 1997

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