J’ai misé sur le feu, 2022


At the dawn of his fiftieth year, a writer decides to give up everything to return to the places where he grew up, in the middle of the countryside, and reconnect with the child he was – this child who has tormented him for far too long – because adult life has disappointed him terribly.
In this metaphorical and cruel story inspired by selected photographs of Chrystèle Lerisse, Cyril Herry juggles with the subjects that are dear to him and that we find in his previous novels: the links to childhood and to the inevitable time, his attachment to forest and abandoned places, and this red thread, fragile, which delimits life and death.
Sixteen photographs from which result the sixteen chapters of a short black and cutting text.


Novel by Cyril Herry and sixteen photographs by Chrystèle Lerisse

Editions La Manufacture de livres, 2022